Produkti / RTG aizsardzība

Rentgena starojuma aizsargcepure galvai RP685

Your implant patients will certainly find this protection measure reasonable. MAVIG has ensured the highest degree of comfort for this radiation protection cap.

The cap is made of extremely soft and flexible lead-rubber multilayer material in hygienically perfect ComforTex HPMF and provides a perfect fit. It is available in 3 sizes.

Of course, we offer matching hygienic covers made of special ComforTex MF material that can be easily attached via Velcro fasteners.


  • Multilayer lead rubber material
  • Outer cover ComforTex HPMF, edges covered with seam band
  • Hygienic covers made of special ComforTex MF

Sizes: Small, Medium, Large Uzzināt vairāk