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COVID-19 & CytoSorb Therapy

COVID-19 & CytoSorb Therapy

CytoSorb Therapy may be a promising and important therapeutic option to help manage the serious complications caused by cytokine storm and hyperinflammation in critically ill COVID-19 infected patients. Initial reports suggest that COVID-19 is associated with severe disease, that requires intensive care in approximately 5% of proven infections. The virus can result in a dysregulated immune response and this cytokine storm seems to be associated with disease severity, as it can lead to capillary leak syndrome, progressive lung injury, respiratory failure and acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS). In addition to ARDS, further complications in the critically ill include shock, acute cardiac injury and AKI. This is in line with what is known from other viral infections like influenza and previous coronavirus infections (SARS, MERS), as well as with the general fact that infectious and non-infectious triggers can result in a cytokine storm, progressing to vasoplegic shock and finally multi organ dysfunction syndrome. […]

Publicēts: 28.04.2020