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Focus on the patient, leave the rest to the chair

Dialysis chair Q is smart and simple solution for longer treatments (dialysis, blood transfusion, cytostatic therapies). Control unit with only three buttons is suitable for 85% of all the therapies.


  • full electric adjustment of height, all four sections and footrest with an advanced control unit:

1. pre-setting of three basic positions:
- arrival and easy access
- setting a therapy
- therapy in progress
2. pre-setting of two SOS positions
3. memory function to store two additional favorite positions

  • smaller overall chair dimensions to save up to 40% of floor space
  • automatic armrest and footrest adjustability to provide optimal position of the patient during treatment
  • retractable castors to move at short distance
  • maximum stability of the chair in any position
  • anatomically designed removable padding with memory foam and seamless endings
  • PU coating resistant to blood, urine, oil, fat and disinfectants (available in white, black (antistatic) and navy)
  • simultaneous head section adjustment
  • covers for better protection and easier maintenance and cleaning
  • built in battery backup Uzzināt vairāk