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BK Ultrasound


Flex Focus 800 ultrasound system offers advanced features and transducers for surgery, urology, and general imaging. Intuitive and Easy to Use The Flex Focus 800 is equipped with Quantum Technology™, which delivers precise real-time imaging on a high resolution, 19 ” monitor. The system is compact and easy to move with an optional battery pack that provides up to four hours of plug-free imaging. Its sealed keyboard allows for easy sterilization and disinfection. Designed for High-End Surgical Procedures The Flex Focus 800 is designed for intraoperative and laparoscopic surgery, robotic surgery, neurosurgery, and colorectal surgery. You’ll see outstanding images of the liver, pancreas, gall bladder, and uterus. The Flex Focus 800 provides high resolution imaging, superior contrast resolution, and simultaneous display capabilities with Picture-in-Picture video integration. Read more

BK Ultrasound

High Resolution Imaging
You know what you need, and you need it fast. That’s why the bk5000 is designed to deliver the high resolution images you count on quickly and efficiently. Whether you’re identifying margins of a lesion or making a general assessment of an area of interest, the bk5000 has the power and performance to meet your needs on your terms.

From the simplest diagnostic imaging to the most critical interventional procedures, every clinical situation has its own set of unique challenges. The bk5000 offers a full suite of innovative technologies and advanced controls and adjustments to help you achieve the best possible image quality, across many applications. Read more.