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Premium klases ultraskaņas iekārta ar skārienjūtīgu ekrānu. Ideāli piemērota vispārējai pacientu izmeklēšanai. Uzzināt vairāk.

UltraSonix ultraskaņas iekārtas – Pielāgojama ultraskaņas iekārta vispārējiem izmeklējumiem. Sonix ultraskaņas iekārta ir paredzēta, lai to varētu viegli lietot dažādās pacientu aprūpes sfērās. Šī iekārta, ir viegli lietojama, un tās interfeiss ir pielāgojams lietotājam. Tādējādi sistēma ir ideāla anestēzijai, neatliekamai medicīnai, muskuloskeletālai izmeklēšanai un reproduktīvai medicīnai.


SonixTablet* is an all-in-one, point-of-care ultrasound system offering excellent image quality on a fully customizable touch screen monitor. High Resolution Imaging. SonixOne gives you fast and efficient imaging performance. View images more clearly on a high resolution, 19” LED monitor. Versatile Applications. SonixTouch is ideal for reproductive medicine, biopsy guidance, MSK, podiatry, and small clinics with limited budgets. Innovative needle guidance technology is ideal for guiding interventional procedures. Learn more about SonixGPS and SonixShine. Portable, Flexible, and Optimized Workflow. Fully programmable color touch screen that only shows you the controls you need for the procedure at hand. This unique system can be mounted from the ceiling or wall to preserve floor space, mounted to a cart for mobility, or placed on any flat surface. Read more



Advanced Imaging Modes Designed for Specialized Exams. SonixSP Q+ supports high-performance, lightweight transducers for 3D/4D volume acquisitions, making it ideal for OB/GYN procedures. Advanced imaging modes include pulse inversion harmonics, spatial compounding, and adaptive speckle reduction Optional high-frame-rate elastography offers real-time feedback of tissue stiffness for vascular procedures. Showing the Way for Interventional Procedures. View images more clearly on a high resolution, 19” LED monitor. Our innovative needle guidance technology enhances needle guidance during interventional procedures. Learn more about SonixGPS and SonixShine. Read more


SonixMDP Q+ is a multi-purpose, fully featured ultrasound system with excellent image quality. High Resolution Imaging. SonixMDP Q+ gives you fast and efficient imaging. View images more clearly on a high resolution, 19” LED monitor. The SonixMDP Q+ features Sensitive color Doppler with excellent spatial resolution and sensitivity. Fully Featured System for Shared Services. SonixMDP Q+ offers a full range of features including PW, CW and Color Doppler, Spatial Compunding, EPI, Pulse Inversion Harmonics, Trapezoid, Panoramic, Imaging, 3D, and 4D. Flexible and Easy to Use. SonixMDP Q+ is designed with dedicated keys for the application at hand – cardiac, OB/GYN, vascular, musculoskeletal, and more. The system has double full swivel wheels for easy maneuverability and an adjustable monitor and console for greater operator comfort. Read more


SonixOP Q+ offers all the features you need for basic ultrasound procedures with the flexibility to add options as needed. General Purpose Ultrasound System with an Intuitive Console. SonixOP Q+ is an easy-to-use, traditional console with dedicated keys for a variety of exams. SonixOP Q+ includes a range of imaging modes for general ultrasound procedures including B-Mode, M-Mode, Colour Mode, PW Mode, and more. Read more

BK Ultrasound

The bk3000 delivers a new level of speed and performance in ultrasound.

Work Faster and Smarter
Adopting the gaming industry’s best streaming graphics processing and architecture, the bk3000 is powerful and power efficient. The result is Accelerated System Control so you see more, faster.

Smart Button for Speed and Convenience
Transducers have a unique Smart™ Button that lets you activate the transducer, freeze, print, and store images with a simple press. It reduces time needed to change transducers and performs essential imaging functions quickly.

Move, Adjust, and Customize Quickly
Unparalleled performance in a sleek system designed for easy mobility in tight spaces, the bk3000 has five wheels for excellent stability and small footprint.

The system is completely adjustable to suit your preference, whether standing or sitting. Its monitor swivels and allows multiple adjustments for individual preferences. The intuitive user interface is designed for easy control with all major mode controls easily accessible.

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BK Ultrasound


Premium performance ultrasound system for your busy clinic. Performance and Value The Flex Focus 500 is a powerful and flexible ultrasound system for urology, colorectal surgery, urogynecology, vascular, general imaging, and other applications. With its high resolution, 19″ monitor, the Flex Focus 500 offers premium performance with efficiency and speed, and sensitive color Doppler with superb spatial resolution and sensitivity. Intuitive and Mobile The system supports a broad portfolio of state-of-the-art transducers with innovative designs to enable access to all areas; advanced puncture guides; convenient one-button control; and easy sterilization and disinfection. The Flex Focus 500 has a small footprint that is extremely maneuverable, can fit into the tightest spaces, and offers up to four hours of plug-free imaging. Read more