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CorCam - SPECT Camera for nuclear cardiology procedures.
DDD Diagnostic

The CorCam is a fixed 90-degree two matched detectors for increased throughput superior image quality.

Two 3/8″ crystals with 14.6″ x 8.5″ field of view (FOV) detectors and 24 high-resolution low-profile photomultiplier tubes per detector secures high detector performance & excellent resolution.

Features Auto Gain, Energy, Linearity and Uniformity corrections as well as preprogrammed gantry motions with digital LED displays.

Compact integrated design for minimal room size requirements and full complement of Nuclear Cardiology clinical software.

QuantumCam - VA SPECT Camera, for general purpose nuclear medicine.
DDD Diagnostic

QuantumCam is a “no-nonsense” general-purpose camera with minimal room size requirement. In fact, no other SPECT system in the market has such a small footprint and still full flexibility in detector positioning, offering versatile use for both whole-body procedures, SPECT, Cardiac SPECT and planar imaging procedures.

With its translating gantry and fixed patient bed, QuantumCam offers a very open, non-claustrophobic, modern & appealing design for improved patient comfort and ease of use.

NephroCam - Dedicated single-detector system for nephrology
DDD Diagnostic

NephroCam is optimized for seamless radioisotope renography. The camera is designed as a workhorse camera in a busy nuclear medicine department. Thus NephroCam workflow requires only a minimum of operator interactions.

The large field of view detector will image almost all patients without having to be positioned. In cases where detector positioning is needed, a manual solution is provided on the detector to slide it to the correct position.

NephroCam comes with DDD’s new .NET-based ClearSight acquisition software packages. Like NephroCam, ClearSight has been designed with simplicity and user friendliness in mind.

SoloMobile - Dedicated mobile single-detector system for planar imaging
DDD Diagnostic

SoloMobile supports a range of planar procedures such as imaging of the thyroid gland, parathyroid, multigated cardiac and sentinel node. The adjustable gantry and detector configuration accommodates imaging procedures with patients sitting or standing in front of the camera as well as patients lying on a hospital stretcher or gurney.

SoloMobile is designed to be moved within a nuclear medicine department, through hospital corridors or in patient rooms for bedside imaging. When SoloMobile’s built-in battery pack is fully charged, SoloMobile can image patients for one hour. If additional imaging time is required, SoloMobile can be plugged into any standard wall outlet.

SoloMobile includes a laptop PC-based intuitive graphical user interface featuring both image acquisition and processing. Persistence scope and energy spectrum display are integral parts of the acquisition functionality.

Solo - Dedicated mobile single-detector system for planar imaging
DDD Diagnostic

Solo is a versatile, cost-efficient and compact gamma camera system designed for use in hospital environments, outpatient clinics or private office settings. Its low-profile detector can be positioned to perform a large range of planar procedures such as imaging of the thyroid gland, parathyroid, multigated cardiac and sentinel node.

Solo is designed to take up minimal space and offers unobstructed access between the detector and the patient. The supporting base plate is easily mounted to the floor for a permanent and safe room installation.