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Premium klases ultraskaņas iekārta ar skārienjūtīgu ekrānu. Ideāli piemērota vispārējai pacientu izmeklēšanai. Uzzināt vairāk.

UltraSonix ultraskaņas iekārtas – Pielāgojama ultraskaņas iekārta vispārējiem izmeklējumiem. Sonix ultraskaņas iekārta ir paredzēta, lai to varētu viegli lietot dažādās pacientu aprūpes sfērās. Šī iekārta, ir viegli lietojama, un tās interfeiss ir pielāgojams lietotājam. Tādējādi sistēma ir ideāla anestēzijai, neatliekamai medicīnai, muskuloskeletālai izmeklēšanai un reproduktīvai medicīnai.


SonixTablet* is an all-in-one, point-of-care ultrasound system offering excellent image quality on a fully customizable touch screen monitor. High Resolution Imaging. SonixOne gives you fast and efficient imaging performance. View images more clearly on a high resolution, 19” LED monitor. Versatile Applications. SonixTouch is ideal for reproductive medicine, biopsy guidance, MSK, podiatry, and small clinics with limited budgets. Innovative needle guidance technology is ideal for guiding interventional procedures. Learn more about SonixGPS and SonixShine. Portable, Flexible, and Optimized Workflow. Fully programmable color touch screen that only shows you the controls you need for the procedure at hand. This unique system can be mounted from the ceiling or wall to preserve floor space, mounted to a cart for mobility, or placed on any flat surface. Read more



Advanced Imaging Modes Designed for Specialized Exams. SonixSP Q+ supports high-performance, lightweight transducers for 3D/4D volume acquisitions, making it ideal for OB/GYN procedures. Advanced imaging modes include pulse inversion harmonics, spatial compounding, and adaptive speckle reduction Optional high-frame-rate elastography offers real-time feedback of tissue stiffness for vascular procedures. Showing the Way for Interventional Procedures. View images more clearly on a high resolution, 19” LED monitor. Our innovative needle guidance technology enhances needle guidance during interventional procedures. Learn more about SonixGPS and SonixShine. Read more


SonixMDP Q+ is a multi-purpose, fully featured ultrasound system with excellent image quality. High Resolution Imaging. SonixMDP Q+ gives you fast and efficient imaging. View images more clearly on a high resolution, 19” LED monitor. The SonixMDP Q+ features Sensitive color Doppler with excellent spatial resolution and sensitivity. Fully Featured System for Shared Services. SonixMDP Q+ offers a full range of features including PW, CW and Color Doppler, Spatial Compunding, EPI, Pulse Inversion Harmonics, Trapezoid, Panoramic, Imaging, 3D, and 4D. Flexible and Easy to Use. SonixMDP Q+ is designed with dedicated keys for the application at hand – cardiac, OB/GYN, vascular, musculoskeletal, and more. The system has double full swivel wheels for easy maneuverability and an adjustable monitor and console for greater operator comfort. Read more


SonixOP Q+ offers all the features you need for basic ultrasound procedures with the flexibility to add options as needed. General Purpose Ultrasound System with an Intuitive Console. SonixOP Q+ is an easy-to-use, traditional console with dedicated keys for a variety of exams. SonixOP Q+ includes a range of imaging modes for general ultrasound procedures including B-Mode, M-Mode, Colour Mode, PW Mode, and more. Read more

BK Ultrasound

The bk3000 delivers a new level of speed and performance in ultrasound.

Work Faster and Smarter
Adopting the gaming industry’s best streaming graphics processing and architecture, the bk3000 is powerful and power efficient. The result is Accelerated System Control so you see more, faster.

Smart Button for Speed and Convenience
Transducers have a unique Smart™ Button that lets you activate the transducer, freeze, print, and store images with a simple press. It reduces time needed to change transducers and performs essential imaging functions quickly.

Move, Adjust, and Customize Quickly
Unparalleled performance in a sleek system designed for easy mobility in tight spaces, the bk3000 has five wheels for excellent stability and small footprint.

The system is completely adjustable to suit your preference, whether standing or sitting. Its monitor swivels and allows multiple adjustments for individual preferences. The intuitive user interface is designed for easy control with all major mode controls easily accessible.

More details here

BK Ultrasound


Premium performance ultrasound system for your busy clinic. Performance and Value The Flex Focus 500 is a powerful and flexible ultrasound system for urology, colorectal surgery, urogynecology, vascular, general imaging, and other applications. With its high resolution, 19″ monitor, the Flex Focus 500 offers premium performance with efficiency and speed, and sensitive color Doppler with superb spatial resolution and sensitivity. Intuitive and Mobile The system supports a broad portfolio of state-of-the-art transducers with innovative designs to enable access to all areas; advanced puncture guides; convenient one-button control; and easy sterilization and disinfection. The Flex Focus 500 has a small footprint that is extremely maneuverable, can fit into the tightest spaces, and offers up to four hours of plug-free imaging. Read more

X-Ray Protection – Comfort RA660

Not only an obligatory X-ray protective apron, but modern radiation protection to accompany your work day with outstanding qualifications.

The wide stretch insert in the back panel contributes to the exceptional wearing comfort of this model series.

This model is a favorite among our clients – the reasons are:

  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Fits snugly to your body
  • Good fit and shoulder relief

The plus in radiation protection compared to other models, is the complete protection over the entire surface of the back panels. Read more

X-Ray Protection – Balance RA631

The patented BALANCE RA631 series sees you through a safe and comfortable day. Its special features differentiate this model from previously know two-piece models.

Fully overlapping front panels achieve a lead equivalent of 0.35 or 0.50 mm for the front and create the basis for the incredible wearing comfort of the Balance series: great weight distribution, high degree of movement, and flexibility.

The integrated, colour-contrast safety zones guarantee ideal X-ray protection. An elastic insert in the back of the skirt ensures a secure fit without restricting. Read more

X-Ray Protective Headwear

An increased risk in the occurrence of brain tumors in medical personnel due to
high dose work environments, such as interventional radiology, is currently a
focus of research.

Particularly in work places where dose values cannot be reduced by a radiation
protective shield or another protective system, the head is exposed to a significant
amount of radiation.

Keeping the needs of our customers in mind, MAVIG developed three individual
X-Ray protective head wear solutions. The three designs have different protective
and air permeable surface areas. Read more

Thyroid shield

The thyroid gland – in every respect – is particularly sensitive to radiation requiring special protection

Our versions of the thyroid/sternum shield include outstanding features such as first-class design and ideal fit, bearing in mind all aspects of radiation protection. Read more

X-Ray Protective Glasses – BR126

The model BR126 offers the choice of two frame sizes: small-medium or large.

The design of the glasses adapts harmoniously to the facial anatomy resulting in a comfortable fit. The model design features extended lateral protection through additional inlays in the frame.

MAVIG only uses protective lenses of the highest quality. This guarantees the best light transmission values and a maximum lens break resistance. An ideal composition of the protective material results in a high level X-ray absorption and optimized production processes achieve an absolute homogeneous allocation of the glass additives.

The quality features of our glasses make them perfect for the use in the medical environment:

  • Great frame stability through high-grade synthetic materials
  • Optimized balance of sturdy, light-weight frame and lenses
  • Minimized risk of injury due to shape and used components
  • No softeners used throughout the entire manufacturing process
  • Low allergy risk due to carefully chosen materials
  • Easy cleaning and superior resistance against chemical influences (disinfection)
  • Robust and durable finish coating
  • Comes standard with antireflective coated lenses

This model is also available with single or progressive lenses. Read more

X-Ray Protective Glasses – BR321

Design: Bronze, unisex

Lead Equivalent (Weight), Front-/ Lateral Protection: Pb 0.75 mm/ 0.50 mm (approx. 65 g)

The high quality metal frame is galvanised in a bronze colour.

Lateral protection is achieved with special synthetic shells in Pb 0.50 mm, which are covered with protective material on the inside up to the level of the earpiece. A comfortable fit is provided by the individually adjustable silicone nose pads.

This model is also available with single or bifocal lenses. Read more

X-Ray Protective Gloves

Pliability, flexibility, and absolutely homogeneous radiation protection – these special quality factors of MAVIG radiation protective gloves are guaranteed by a special production procedure and the use of high quality basic materials.

The shape of our gloves takes into account all requirements of the daily medical practice.

A glove with a lead equivalent of Pb 0.50 mm is obviously less elastic than a glove with lower lead equivalent.

You should make your choice depending on the particular task. Read more

Wall System AW419

This wall system deserves top marks for userfriendliness and storage capacity.

The five swivelling chrome bars offer you a range of operation of 180°. In contrast, when folded parallel to one another against the wall, the hangers create space for the room.

Do you need a wall system for up to 10 items of clothing which makes optimum use of the space and provides greatest convenience for the user? Then a combination of the AW419-R and AW419-L systems is ideal. The base plate form enables the seamless installation of both racks next to one another.

Functional metal construction, painted in medico-white (RAL 9002), chromeplated swivel bars.

The storage capacity is 5 garments each. For skirts please refer to our skirt hooks AW427Read more

Skirt hook AW427

For the storage of skirts, please add our special hooks to systems AW419, AW421 and AW423.

It is no problem to retrofot the hooks on the chrome hangers .

Lower Body Protection - UT69

The UT69 offers maximum protection, thanks to the intermediate double articulated joint and the additional lateral lead panel (removeable).

The upper shield can be removed quickly in case of emergency or for comfortable patient positioning.

  • Overlapping, flexible X-ray protective panels with PVC covering
  • Height: 90.0 cm
  • Widths: 64.5 cm (main part, 4 overlapping panels), 17.0 cm (additional panel)
  • Total width of all lower body protective panels: max. 80.0 cm (overlapping, angle)
  • Two separate upper shields with 17.0 cm and 25.0 cm height
  • Lead equivalent Pb 0.50 mm
  • Two practical wall mounts included (model dependend). Read more

Mobile Shield – WD257

A classic model in interventional radiology.

The lead acrylic panel is easily height-adjustable and retracts almost completely inside its steel base.

Upper- and lower-body radiation protection combined in one mobile system.

Lead equivalent:

  • Steel body: Pb 1.00 mm
  • Lead acrylic shield: Pb 0.50 mm


  • Steel body: Width 78 cm (30.7 in), height 104 cm (40.9 in)
  • Lead acrylic shield: Width 70 cm (27.6 in)
  • Overall height: 115 cm (45.3 in) to 188 cm (74.0 in). Read more

Mobile Shield - WD306

MAVIG produces mobile protection shields using the most modern materials available in many variations or according to customer specifications.

The WD306 with its large surface area and extensive lead acrylic top provides maximum protection and an unimpeaded view for personal.

The high-grade, electro-conductive wheels and sturdy side handles allow for easy and safe positioning.

  • Lead equivalent Pb 0.50 mm
  • Dimensions protective area: 100 cm x 187 cm (W x H)
  • Overall dimensions: 137 cm x 197 cm (W x H) Read more

Surgical Light M LED 5

A high contrast and a lifelike as well as precise illumination of the surgical field is of great importance in order to achieve the best possible outcome.

Surgical Light with LED technology, available as multi-colour LED (MC) to change the light colour on demand and with a multi-facetted lens system for lowest shadiness in the light field.

Another advantage in clinic or practice: The optimal design of the system is guaranteed as all lights from MAVIG are delivered with an apporpriate spring arm.

An additional video system is available as an option for those lamps.

In order to achieve optimal illumination from different directions a combination of multiple lights is recommended. Placed on individual adjustable arms right below the ceiling – with the help of Portegra2 or our central axis, both modular systems of MAVIG – no longer a problem. Read more

Gonadal Apron RP643

Flawless radiation protection, which can easily be adjusted thanks to the flexible tension strap.

The gonadal apron complies with DIN EN 61331-3 (IEC 61331-3).


  • Multilayer lead rubber material with a lead equivalent of 0.50 mmPb
  • Outer cover ComforTex HPMF, all-round binding with special tape


  • S (25×20 cm)
  • M (30×30 cm)
  • L (37×40 cm)
  • XL (40×45 cm)

Also available as a complete set in all 4 sizes. Read more

Gonad Protection Diaper RP274

Patient radiation protection in pediatrics for X-ray images in medical diagnostics with a Pb value of 1.00 mm.

  • Quick and easy to put on
  • Adjustable size for a comfortable fit
  • Complete set for babies (Age 0-1), toddlers (Age 1-3), and small children (Age 3-6) Read more

Patient Shield RP689

A must in all radiology practices – the versatile MAVIG patient shield:

  • Application without limits
  • Simple handling
  • You define the format
  • Individual cuts possible

MAVIG patient shields comply to DIN EN 61331-3 (IEC 61331-3).


  • Multilayer lead rubber material with a lead equivalent of Pb 0.50 mm or 1.00 mm
  • Outer cover ComforTex HPMF, edges covered with seam band
  • Can be supplied with velcro fasterns


  • Standard widths are 60 cm and 90 cm, you specify the length
  • Other dimensions are available upon request Read more

Patient Cover RP271

Patient radiation protection inpaediatrics for X-ray images in medical diagnostics.

The X-ray protection has a Pb value of 0.50 mm and reduces the radiation exposure to the mammary gland area by about 80%.

  • Perfectly hygienic, skin-firnedly outer cover
  • Suitable for multiple use
  • Easily adjustable to respectivesizes
  • Comfortable, non-irritating neoprene stoppers Read more

Ovarian Protection RP679

Ovarian protection for the standing patient, available as a set: RP679SET-E
Patient protection for X-rays images in medical diagnostics:

  • Protection with a Pb value of 1.00 mm
  • Belt with hygienic cover
  • Easy and fast to put on
  • Easy size adjustment with the stretch belt
  • Set includes belt and 3 shield: Small, Medium, Large

also available as:

Ovarian protective for Children, available as a set: RP679SET-K
Patient protection in paediatrics for X-rays images in medical diagnostics:

  • Protection with a Pb value of 1.00 mm
  • Belt with hygienic cover
  • Easy and fast to put on
  • Easy size adjustment with the stretch belt
  • Set includes belt and 3 shield: Small, Medium, Large Read more

Testicle Protection RP276

This model for the protection of the male gonads also completely covers the penis and scrotum.

Of course, MAVIG has also taken into account that there must be no danger of injury to the patients from using the protection. The Velcro fastener gives stability when correctly adjusted.

MAVIG testicle protection complies to DIN EN 61331-3 (IEC 61331-3).


  • Multilayer lead rubber material with a Pb value of 1.00 mm
  • Soft PVC outer cover (light-grey colour)
  • Can be unfolded via snap buttons for cleaning and disinfection


  • RP276M for adults (dimensions approx. 155 mm x 120 mm x 90 mm)
  • RP276K for boys (dimensions approx. 110 mm x 90 mm x 65 mm)

We also offer matching disposable hygienic bags. Read more

Testicle Protection RP280

Testicular capsule with padded, elastic case clasp.

  • No risk of injury to the patient when using the protection
  • Easy and comfortable to put on
  • Inside and outside seamless, hygiene is guaranteed

MAVIG testicle protection complies to DIN EN 61331-3 (IEC 61331-3).


  • Multilayer lead rubber material with a Pb value of 1.00 mm
  • Based on natural rubber with a skin-friendly coating coloured medico-white


  • RP280M for adults (dimensions approx. 135 mm x 105 mm x 60 mm)
  • RP280K for boys (dimensions approx. 105 mm x 85 mm x 55 mm)

We also offer matching disposable hygienic bags. Read more

Children’s Apron RP664

This children’s apron is especially adapted fur universal use and provides the optimal front protection for your young patients.

The generously cut, overlapping back panels offer additional protection for the back of the body and ensure a balanced fit.

The RP664 model is easily closed at the front with a variable snap buckle and also provides sufficient flexibility for exact fitting.


  • NovaLite radiation protection material with Pb-value front 0.50 mm and back 0.25 mm
  • Outer Cover ComforTex HPMF, edges covered with seam band


  • Small (age approx. 3-5)
  • Medium (age approx. 6-8)
  • Large (age approx. 9-12)

Also available as a complete set at! Read more

Children’s Coat RP668

The ideal all-round protection and the best possible weight distribution with a minimum physical strain for children:

  • Variable fit
  • High comfort
  • Easy to put on and take off due to Velcro closure
  • Generously measured flexibility guarantees a comfortable fit


  • NovaLite radiation protection material with Pb-value front 0.50 mm and back 0.25 mm
  • Outer Cover ComforTex HPMF, edges covered with seam band


  • Small (age approx. 3-5)
  • Medium (age approx. 6-8)
  • Large (age approx. 9-12)

Also available as a complete set! Read more

X-Ray Protective Head Cover RP685

Your implant patients will certainly find this protection measure reasonable. MAVIG has ensured the highest degree of comfort for this radiation protection cap.

The cap is made of extremely soft and flexible lead-rubber multilayer material in hygienically perfect ComforTex HPMF and provides a perfect fit. It is available in 3 sizes.

Of course, we offer matching hygienic covers made of special ComforTex MF material that can be easily attached via Velcro fasteners.


  • Multilayer lead rubber material
  • Outer cover ComforTex HPMF, edges covered with seam band
  • Hygienic covers made of special ComforTex MF

Sizes: Small, Medium, Large Read more

Cover for Thyroid, Sternum, Chest, and Shoulder Area RP648

Radiation protection for patients during computer tomography of the skull area.

The protector can be positioned easily without further aids or fastening systems.

The reduction of radiation exposure for the thyroid gland is approx. 65%, for the sternum approx. 80%, and for the breast and shoulder area approx. 90%.

  • X-ray protective inlay with Pb 0.35 mm
  • Hygienic and skin-friendly outer cover ComforTex HPMF
  • Designed for reuse and a long lifespan
  • Versatile thyroid protection
  • Universal size Read more

Ovarian Protection RP278

The development of this MAVIG ovarian shield is unequalled and fulfills all requirements of the radiology practice.

Extensive tests created the basis for the size and positional relationship between the fixation point “spinae iliacae anteriores”, the ovarian shield, and its projection on the pelvic image.

Each of the three sizes is adjustable by means of two swivelling parts which allow fine adjustment.

MAVIG ovarian protection complies to DIN EN 61331-3 (IEC 61331-3).


  • Multiplayer lead rubber material with a Pb value of 1.00 mm
  • Soft PVC outer cover (light-grey colour)


  • RP2781 – large (12 cm high)
  • RP2782 – medium (9 cm high)
  • RP2783 – small (7 cm high)

Available also as complete set (all 3 sizes). Read more

Dental Apron with Collar RD644

  • MAVIG dental apron for images of a sitting patient.

    Our new dental apron comes with a specially designed collar for a comfortable fit
    combined with optimized protection of the thyroid and a quick and easy closure thanks
    to a Velcro fastener at the neck.

    The generous cut of this dental apron – for images when sitting – protects the whole
    shoulder area and two added loops on the back can be attached to a dental chair.
    Extra features are the universal size and that it is easy to be put on and take off.


    Inner Material: Multi-Layer Lead Rubber

    Our natural lead rubber – without any artificial plasticisers – has kept us in the lead
    as manufacturers of X-ray protective clothing for many years, with excellent marks
    for weight distribution and radiation protection.

    Outer Cover: ComforTex® HPMF – Single and Dual Colour Design

    Our ComforTex® HPMF, a high performance medical fabric according to DIN EN 13795,
    provides a far greater protection of the radiation protective inlay then ever before.
    Its improved barrier function complies with the very demanding hygienic standards
    in today’s work environment. Due to the fact that the apron is reversible, it is available
    in all seven MAVIG colours as well as in two different dual colour designs,
    Curacao + Orchidee or Limette + Ocean. Read more

Panorama Apron RD635

Dental apron for panorama images of the standing patient. Convenient velcro fastener at the front.


  • Multilayer lead rubber material with a Pb value of 0.50 mm
  • Outer cover ComforTex HPMF, edges covered with seam band


  • RD635E (for adults)
  • RD635K (for children) Read more


MAVIG windows are constructed according to the modular design principle and can be installed easily and without problems.

  • No complicated preparations or assembly on site
  • Ideal transparency
  • Perfect, gap free radiation protection

Model series 81 – for installation in plastered wall openings
Model series 83 – for installation in non-plastered wall openings or plasterboard walls Read more

CorCam - SPECT Camera for nuclear cardiology procedures.
DDD Diagnostic

The CorCam is a fixed 90-degree two matched detectors for increased throughput superior image quality.

Two 3/8″ crystals with 14.6″ x 8.5″ field of view (FOV) detectors and 24 high-resolution low-profile photomultiplier tubes per detector secures high detector performance & excellent resolution.

Features Auto Gain, Energy, Linearity and Uniformity corrections as well as preprogrammed gantry motions with digital LED displays.

Compact integrated design for minimal room size requirements and full complement of Nuclear Cardiology clinical software.

QuantumCam - VA SPECT Camera, for general purpose nuclear medicine.
DDD Diagnostic

QuantumCam is a “no-nonsense” general-purpose camera with minimal room size requirement. In fact, no other SPECT system in the market has such a small footprint and still full flexibility in detector positioning, offering versatile use for both whole-body procedures, SPECT, Cardiac SPECT and planar imaging procedures.

With its translating gantry and fixed patient bed, QuantumCam offers a very open, non-claustrophobic, modern & appealing design for improved patient comfort and ease of use.

NephroCam - Dedicated single-detector system for nephrology
DDD Diagnostic

NephroCam is optimized for seamless radioisotope renography. The camera is designed as a workhorse camera in a busy nuclear medicine department. Thus NephroCam workflow requires only a minimum of operator interactions.

The large field of view detector will image almost all patients without having to be positioned. In cases where detector positioning is needed, a manual solution is provided on the detector to slide it to the correct position.

NephroCam comes with DDD’s new .NET-based ClearSight acquisition software packages. Like NephroCam, ClearSight has been designed with simplicity and user friendliness in mind.

SoloMobile - Dedicated mobile single-detector system for planar imaging
DDD Diagnostic

SoloMobile supports a range of planar procedures such as imaging of the thyroid gland, parathyroid, multigated cardiac and sentinel node. The adjustable gantry and detector configuration accommodates imaging procedures with patients sitting or standing in front of the camera as well as patients lying on a hospital stretcher or gurney.

SoloMobile is designed to be moved within a nuclear medicine department, through hospital corridors or in patient rooms for bedside imaging. When SoloMobile’s built-in battery pack is fully charged, SoloMobile can image patients for one hour. If additional imaging time is required, SoloMobile can be plugged into any standard wall outlet.

SoloMobile includes a laptop PC-based intuitive graphical user interface featuring both image acquisition and processing. Persistence scope and energy spectrum display are integral parts of the acquisition functionality.

Solo - Dedicated mobile single-detector system for planar imaging
DDD Diagnostic

Solo is a versatile, cost-efficient and compact gamma camera system designed for use in hospital environments, outpatient clinics or private office settings. Its low-profile detector can be positioned to perform a large range of planar procedures such as imaging of the thyroid gland, parathyroid, multigated cardiac and sentinel node.

Solo is designed to take up minimal space and offers unobstructed access between the detector and the patient. The supporting base plate is easily mounted to the floor for a permanent and safe room installation.