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Therapy chair N with its numerous functions and user-friendly design guarantees comfort to patients as well as staff during longer therapies (dialysis, transfusion, cytostatic treatments, etc.)


  • Comfort in all positions is ensured by »UP & OUT« leg rests. When lowering the chair, leg section shrinks and enables patients to access easily. When adjusting into lying position, leg section lengthens and offers patient maximum comfort during therapy.
  • In order to meet your needs, Therapy chair N is available in two varieties differing in adjustment:
    TYN-sinhro, back and leg section move synchronously, and
    TYN-free, back and leg section move independently.
  • with both varieties the base can be equipped with legs (STEADY), individually lockable castors (READY) or castors with central locking system (GO).
  • adjustable arm restsand support handles are attached to fixation rail (-LE) or to chair directly
  • paper roll holder
  • push handles (models with castors)
  • thicker seamless padding (6 cm)
  • upholstery available in more than 40 colors Read more