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The best solution for positioning, transport and X-ray examinations of emergency patients

Because when saving lives, seconds count we developed a new Stretcher X to help you work faster and much more efficient. With innovative diagonal base (patent pending) Stretcher X sets new standards in design, manageability, accessibility and X-ray permeability of hospital trolleys.

Simply adjustable:
- hydraulic height adjustment
- two- or four-section lying surface
- head section adjustable manually up to 90°
- leg section adjustable up to 30° (only with four-section lying surface)
- stabile and solid stainless steel rails (patent pending)
Excellent manageability and agility:
- short wheelbase for easy pushing, driving, avoiding obstacles and turning on spot
- high-quality rubber wheels for maximum grip
- central locking system
- integrated push handles and roller bumpers on the corners
Easy access during X-ray examinations without moving a patient:
- large lying area permeable to X-rays
- optimal access for classic X-ray equipment or C-arm Read more