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WASSENBURG® DRY320 Drying and Condition Cabinet

Designed to contribute to a safe and controlled treatment of flexible endoscopes. The WASSENBURG® DRY320 is a patented drying system that has been developed to provide ergonomic handling for its users, optimum endoscope positioning and proven drying efficacy. Read more

WASSENBURG® WD440 Endoscope Washer Disinfector

Safe and controlled washing and disinfection of your flexible endoscopes! The WD440 provides double safety with the intelligent Independent Monitoring System. Working with the two asynchronous chambers gives easy access to the individually loaded and connected endoscopes and prevents unnecessary waiting. The chambers are specifically constructed for the endoscopes, leading to low water consumption and a constant processing temperature in the chamber. In addition, contact between the endoscope and the chamber is kept to a minimum in order to maximise contact between the endoscope and the process liquids. Read more

WASSENBURG® WD440 PT Pass Through Endoscope Washer Disinfector

Pass through technology since 2006. Creating a system with zero risk of cross contamination of the endoscope during loading / unloading, was the primary goal in the development of the WD440 PT pass through endoscope washer disinfector. The revolutionary top section of the system makes it possible to install the machine in a wall, providing a physical separation of the clean and contaminated areas. This principle is perfectly suited to (central) sterilisation departments. Read more


WASSENBURG WD415 Toploader

Designed for controlled cleaning and disinfection of flexible endoscopes and other thermolabile medical devices. Our WASSENBURG® WD415 Endoscope washer-disinfector is the smart investment for customers that strive for a quality reprocessing solution in terms of operation, safety and maintenance. Read more.

Breath test

Diagnose and monitor H. pylori with BreathID® point-of-care or lab Urea Breath Testing. Read more.